Le Printemps

Le Printemps Le Printemps - The Third EP in Kennedy's Unfinished Compositions Series

Shannon Kennedy's foray into programmatic and film score-esque composition sees the third of four releases

Le Printemps is the third EP in composer Shannon Kennedy's series of programmatic pieces entitled Unfinished Compositions. This new addition to the collection features six diverse and exciting works composed, orchestrated, performed and produced by Shannon Kennedy.

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Released: 27 Jun 2012

Copyright: 2012 Shannon Kennedy

Genres: Classical, Music

Credits: Shannon Kennedy - keyboards and programming

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The title track, Le Printemps, begins with a thoughtful variation of the melody carried by the piano later in the piece. Like the title implies, it's springlike sound eludes to the very season it is named for.

The following track, Le Fin d'Hiver, is not only a play on the programmatic style of the piece, but is a reference to Kennedy's previous EP, L'Hiver. With the start of spring (Le Printemps), comes the end of winter. The style of the work is reminiscent of early composers such as Mozart or even Vivaldi, while still maintaining a film score-like style.

The following four works on the EP, Melancholy Minimalism, The Northern Wind, Le Papillon et Le Tourbillon, and L'Appel au Soldat are more adventurous and dramatic In nature with intense percussion and expressive string melodies.

The EP is now available on CDBaby.

As part of the EP release, a contest was held for fans to choose the titles of the tracks. The following are the names selected and their winners.

Le Papillon et Le Tourbillon named by Vierzon

L'Appel au Soldat (The Battle) named by Dave Kennedy

Le Fin d'Hiver named by Ariella

The Northern Wind by Habojspade

Melancholy Minimalism by GiniBArtist

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