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Shannon recently found a review written on her album, “Steppin Up”.

“Young saxophonist Shannon Kennedy emerged from Orange County (OCHSA, CSULB). A champion of music and local emergent, she created a Web site to push ‘teen jazz (here), the ranks of which she herself has left behind. Still, the tireless young musician is herself an excellent player in the smooth jazz vernacular, but clearly keeping her eyes on greater champions of the form. Her employ of all saxophones as well as flute on a dozen tracks mostly written by herself, offers a gentle platter of contemporary fare that should appeal to smooth jazz fans, but be of special interest for those who follow the local jazz scene. Not only is award-winning keyboardist Dan Reckard, leader of the Black Note Trio in Kennedy’s band, but she has OCHSA Jazz Director Bijon Watson on a couple tracks and guest appearances by hot selling saxophonist Kirk Whalen and guitarist Peter White. Kennedy is ambitious and talented. Her music is neat, interesting and very listenable. The opening cut, ‘Double Shot,’ with a feel of the Dan’s ‘Babylon Sisters,’ lets her trade licks with Whalen, while other songs, including one co-written with Reckard, cover the contemporary territory. As essential as original tunes are to a young artist, it’s ironically the standards that put her in focus. On Ellington’s ‘In a Sentimental Mood,’ one can hear how Kennedy’s rich, melodic tenor finds the soul of this oft-covered tune. It’s a stand-out and this fistful of calling cards from a player who can be found on the local circuit throughout the year. Since ‘Steppin’ Out’ she has ‘Never My Love.’” –

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