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Lyrics to “You Said”

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By Shannon Kennedy

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I didn’t believe that I could feel so low
Because I didn’t know that you could be so cold
It seemed it was too good to be true
And as much as I tried, I was never enough for you

You shut me out, you broke me down
I let it go on for much to long
You lied and now, I’m wondering how
I’ll find a way to be all alone

You said, you said
You said things were over
So I thought, I thought
I had you as my own
You said, you said
That you didn’t love her
But now, yeah now
I know you were wrong

I had my doubts each time that you spoke of her
You ignored me so often it all became a blur
I can’t keep pretending I feel different than I do
And I won’t keep defending all the things I wish to undo



Even though I was there for you, you didn’t care
And now I know that all this time you were only thinking of her