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Lyrics to “Behind Your Eyes”

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By Shannon Kennedy

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I often wonder at the way you smile at me (Mmm)
And the simple secrets that we share
Sometimes I feel like I can understand you (Mmm)
But other times I feel out of reach of your thoughts

The first time we kissed took my breath away
When we touch time stops in its place
And every moment I have with you’s not enough
Oh when I see that magic
Behind your eyes

The detail of your every smile is in my memory (Mmm)
I couldn’t create anything as great as our love
Lying next to you is simply irresistible (Mmm)
I would be so lost without your love

At times my heart beats much to fast
I want each moment with you to last
When you take me in your arms
All else melts away
I can see what love’s supposed to be
Behind your eyes