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After exploring several different genres of music such as jazz, smooth jazz, and pop as both a composer and performer, Shannon Kennedy has emerged herself into the film score genre, displaying her diversity as a songwriter.

Her latest works are piano and orchestra driven compositions and Kennedy’s debut as not only a contemporary classical artist, but as a keyboardist as well. Her latest single, Maisons-Alfort, truly exemplifies this new, creative, and exciting path Shannon Kennedy has embarked upon.

A film score-esque composition, reflective of early to mid 1900s French folk music, Maisons-Alfort creates images of a romantic French café scene in the minds of listeners. Its light, playful melodies are traded between the accordion and the childbox in an almost conversational manner, drawing the audience into the story being told. Accompanied by strings, piano, and drums, the piece grabs hold of the listener’s attention and maintains it with moments of tension and release.

Maisons-Alfort is the first single from Kennedy’s upcoming album, Unfinished Compositions, a contemporary classical collection of original compositions. Unlike the title implies, each of the pieces that will be featured on the album are not, in fact, “unfinished”. As said by Shannon in an interview, “Contrary to the title, the pieces aren’t actually unfinished, but are “samples” of a new part of my musical library and repertoire.”

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