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L’Hiver is the second installment of Shannon Kennedy’s four part “Unfinished Compositions” series, a programmatic and personal exploration through instrumental music. L’Automne, the album’s predecessor, featured lighter and reflective compositions while L’Hiver contains a collection of more aggressive and emotional yet elegant orchestrations.

With L’Hiver, Kennedy explores different sounds and rhythms in an adventurous and filmscoresque context.

The first title, L’Hiver, is played out in a comparably delicate style to the title track of L’Automne and hints at the influence of a lullaby. While the left hand hums through a simple accompaniment, the melody shines with thoughtfulness and tenderness.

The Lost Voyage follows the title track with a more exotic and rhythmic feel. As stated by Dr Alicia Doyle of, “Shannon Kennedy’s latest creation, “The Lost Voyage” shows a sophistication and elegance that belies her omnivorous appreciation and understanding of the worlds of music… The eclectic orchestration, the filmic drama, and the edgy ostinato serve to make this a highly descriptive, visually inspiring soundscape.”

L’Hiver also includes The Way to You, an adventurous track titled by Adam Ehlert as part of a YouTube contest, as well as Slumbers Not Nor Sleeps, The Ancient Mariner and Deep Six.

Le Printemps, the third EP in the series will be released Summer 2012.

If you would like to see videos featuring music from the album: Slumbers Not Nor Sleeps with footage from Ireland

The Way to You song contest – winner AdamEWayne

The Lost Voyage preview

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