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L’Automne is Shannon Kennedy’s first contemporary classical album. It is a part of a collection of EPs that will be released over the next year featuring a collection of Kennedy’s orchestral compositions.

The first single from the album, Maisons-Alfort, truly exemplifies this new, creative, and exciting path Shannon Kennedy has embarked upon. A film score-esque composition, reflective of early to mid 1900s French folk music, Maisons-Alfort creates images of a romantic French café scene in the minds of listeners. Its light, playful melodies are traded between the accordion and the childbox in an almost conversational manner, drawing the audience into the story being told. Accompanied by strings, piano, and drums, the piece instantly attracts the listener’s attention and maintains it with a well-planned design of tension and release.

In addition to the light, lively melodious of Maisons-Alfort and Gaelic Spring, are the more serious and heroic sounding themes of I Am, Manu’s Theme, and Tango at Midnight.

The next EP, L’hiver, will be released within the next few months.

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