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Two artists are better than one: new collaboration K.A.S.E. 87 brings two smooth jazz artists together to create the ‘sound of 2011’

Los Angeles, CA – January 30, 2011 – the first single ‘Fashionable’ by K.A.S.E. 87 is sure to be a huge hit for music fans. A collaboration by French guitarist/producer U-Nam (#1 Hit on the Billboard Charts in 2007) and up and coming saxophonist/singer Shannon Kennedy, ‘Fashionable’ features the emergence of their two diverse styles into one, creating the ‘sound of 2011’ – a fusion of contemporary jazz, hip hop and electro. The new single is available now on iTunes and most online distributors such as Rhapsody, Amazon, and CDBaby.

An Inside Look Into Their Upcoming Album

Two artists are better than one – Shannon Kennedy and U-Nam have come together to give listeners twice the listening pleasure with the perfect combination of both sultry and playful saxophone with catchy and virtuosic guitar. After this first release, listeners won’t be able to wait for more. ‘Fashionable’ is a fresh, hard-hitting song with the guitar and saxophone intertwining and playfully exchanging the melody and solos throughout. If one imagines George Benson and David Sanborn colliding with the music of Daft Punk and the Black Eyed Peas, well, then they would be imagining something near the hip sound and style of ‘Fashionable’.

K.A.S.E. 87’s first release is an original composition and a brilliant introduction for the new group with its modern sound, catchy hook and jazzy improvisation. K.A.S.E. 87’s music is unique, innovative and filled with emotion. It explores new horizons while demonstrating that contemporary jazz can appeal to a younger crowd and still please its established fans.

The single has already been receiving airplay on several online stations and has been featured and reviewed on several music sites; Renaissance Radio has already guaranteed a feature of the song and group on their successful YouTube channel. The full album is due out later in 2011 and will feature a collection of new and original music as well as innovative and creative versions of popular hits from the 80s. Summer 2011, the band also launches its tour of the new material throughout the US and more as further dates materialize.

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