Shannon Kennedy


Performance at the 2007 KSBR Bash

Home // News // 2007 Bash Shannon played at the 2007 KSBR bash. She was up on stage with Greg Adams on his tune “Cool to the Touch”. She also performed on stage with Michael Paulo, Nils, Chuck Loeb, Michael Manson, Brian Bromberg, Jackiem Joyner, Brian Simpson, and Ray Fuller. See[…]

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Upcoming Shows

Home // News // Upcoming Shows This up coming weekend, you can look forward to seeing her at Antonucci’s in Mission Viejo, California and Spasso’s Grill & Martini Bar in Laguna Hills, California. And, the long anticipated sophomore album by saxophonist Shannon Kennedy is being recorded August 21 and 22. So[…]

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Shannon Kennedy Performs at KSBR Bash

Home // News //KSBR Bash Shannon performs at the 2006 KSBR Bash with Nils, Jeff Kashiwa, and Michael Paulo! Nils asked Shannon to sit in with him during his feature at the KSBR Bash this year on bari sax. This was the first year Shannon had the opportunity perform at the[…]

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